Come & Join us!

Sunrise Yoga Series at Princess Park Bowling Club

109 Bowen Crescent, Princes Park, Carlton (Enter via car park gate)

In the event of bad weather, classes will be cancelled and all booked parties notified.

Barefoot Yoga is a community hub for anyone wanting to salute the hectic start of daily life with the sun on your face and grass under your feet. 

Our sunrise classes are a great way to build strength, revitalise and reconnect while challenging your flexibility. All in one class!

Our philosophy is simple.  Yoga should be fun. So if you can’t turn you into a human pretzel, that’s ok, we don’t expect you to.

Everyone is welcome and diversity encouraged. Whether you’re youthful, matured, or neither. A seasoned yogi, human pretzel, or trying yoga for the first time there is a class for you!